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Seasonal fresh soups daily
Pint $ 3.75 qt $ 5.75


Mixed green & vegetables salad                                   7.25
Spring mix greens, romaine, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers
Radish, tomato, feta cheese choice of dressing

Romaine & spinach salad                                              6.25
Romaine, spinach, roasted gold beets, croutons chips, Parmesan
 Creamy black pepper dressing

Crunchy Asian salad                                                      7.25
Romaine, mix green, bell pepper, carrots, celery, green onion
Oranges, almonds, wontons, sesame ginger vinaigrette

Add chicken to any salad 1.75

House made dressing
Lemon vinaigrette / sesame ginger vinaigrette
Creamy black pepper dressing / balsamic vinaigrette


Sandwich Central

Grilled tequila chicken sandwich                                   7.25
Arugula, tomato, roasted pepper, ciabbatta rustic roll

Merguez sausage sandwich                                            8.25
Lamb & beef merguez sausage, olive tapenade, crispy leeks

Blt with Brie on baguette sandwich                              7.25
Arugula, tomato, bacon, Brie cheese, Dijon spread

Italian sub with provolone sandwich                            7.50
Salami, pepperoni, salami, ham, spinach, tomato, pickles

Tuna Catalina sandwich                                                    8.25
Spinach, tomato, tuna, olives, Munster, pretzel roll

Roasted vegetables sandwich                                        7.25
Pesto, spinach, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, onion rolls



Athens vegetarian wrap                                                 6.75
Cucumbers, pepper, mushrooms, feta, arugula, tomato
Philly chicken wrap                                                          7.25
Bbq chicken, jalapeno jack cheese, spinach, tomato

Tuscan turkey wrap                                                         7.75
Turkey, pepper, avocados, jack cheese, spinach, tomato

All sandwiches and wraps come with mix green salad
Or cup of daily soup. Any deli prepared salad
French fries or sweet potato fries add 2.25



Choice of Panini bread, foccacia or honey wheat bread

Rotisserie chicken Panini sun dried tomato, Swiss          7.50

Italian Panini pepperoni, salami, and provolone            7.50

Grilled veggies Panini pesto and buffalo mozzarella       7.25

Hot wrap

Bbq chicken wrap sun dried tomato, jalapeno cheese     8.25

Roasted turkey wrap pesto, grilled onion, jack cheese    8.50

All Panini and hot wrap come with mix green salad
Or cup of daily soup. Any deli prepared salad
French fries or sweet potato fries add 2.25


Build your own!

Customize your sandwich                                             8.25

Step 1 --------   choose your bread

House baked foccacia              pretzel roll
French demi baguette              honey wheat sliced bread
Soft sub roll                              rustic ciabatta roll
Onion round roll                        square soft ciabatta
French country white slice        French country wheat slice

Step 2 --------- your condiments

Olive tapenade
Harissa spread (spicy)
Dijon spread
Creamy salsa

Step 3 --------- meats or veggies

Tequila grilled chicken breast
Roasted turkey
Smoked ham
Salami & pepperoni
Roast beef
Tuna salad
Grilled vegetables

Step 4 ---------- cheeses
Sharp cheddar, jack, Swiss, pepper jack, provolone
 Munster, buffalo mozzarella
All sandwiches come with mix green salad
 Or cup of soup any deli prepared salad
Add French fries or sweet potato fries add 2.25

Delibar prepared salads   

PINT 5.25   QT 9.25

Tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad
Broccolini salad
Fruit salad
 fussili salad
Greek potato salad
Carrot salad
Wild and brown rice salad
Seaweed salad
Couscous salad
Eggplant salad
Gold beet salad
Marinated vegetables salad


Hot prepared entree

Roasted chicken                                                   11.50
Whole chicken, half                                                6.25
Grilled Salmon rolls 8 oz                                       10.50          
Beef skewers with sub sauce 8 oz                            9.25
Grilled vegetables 8 oz                                           6.25           
Macaroni and cheese 8 oz                                       5.25
Potato gratin  8 oz                                                 5.25   
Spinach quiche 8 oz                                               6.25
Quiche Lorraine 8 0z                                              6.25

All hot food comes with small side mix green salad


Delibar desserts

Chocolate croissant bread pudding                                  4.75
Brownies                                                              2.25
Large cookies                                                                        1.75

Specialty deserts                                                   3.75 to 5.25

Ice cream and sorbet
Seasonal ice creams & sorbet                                           4.25                 

Cold beverages

Coke, diet coke, 7 up                                                  1.75
Mineral water ½ liter san benedito flat and sparkling       2.75
Lipton diet ice tea                                                       1.75
Fresh orange juice                                                      2.50
Pellegrino orange soda                                               2.25
Pellegrino lemon soda                                                2.25

Hot beverage

Coffee, decaf                                                            1.75
Espresso, cappuccino                                                  2.25 Assorted biglow tea                                                    1.75
Moroccan mint tea                                                      2.75

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